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What Computers Were Like In The Beginning

In the beginning, there were entire floors of buildings dedicated to a single computer. Running reels of tape or punch cards to input or store information. Looking back it is hard to imagine. And just to think that the technology back then was also used effectively to launch humans into space is even more staggering. Only the largest companies and government agencies would be able to afford to use such systems and even then, finding people who could run them was also difficult.

From its inception, computers began to shrink in size as the technology progressed. Gradually, the machines progressed to devices like the Commodore 64 and Texas Instruments TI99-4A. Families would be able to share in the experience and it was just a taste of what was soon to follow. BASIC programming classes were soon taught in Junior High schools and before long, as companies grew with technology there was an entire generation ready to help it along. As time progressed, computers became more powerful the smaller they became with processors that could run multiple threads of information at the same time. This trend continues today, as the systems evolve, so do their uses. These days, we have more computing power in a basic Smartphone than most of the first computers had.

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