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Cell Phones Now Versus Cell Phones Then

Cell phones have changed a lot since they came into being. Looking back, I remember back when it was high tech to have the wired cell phone in your car; or the phone that was about the size of a brick. Back then, the technology was still evolving from its infancy and the phones began to shrink in size and increase ability as the tech improved. Also cell coverage was spotty at best, roaming charges were common, and the idea of data services was not thought of. Most coverage areas were for large cities and interstate corridors.

Nowadays, most phones easily fit in your pocket, play music, and can surf the web.Additional information can be found at I think most people would be hard pressed to find a cell phone that was just simply for calling. Coverage areas are now international with both data and voice. Smartphones are abundant in the market as well in several styles, all allowing users to take what is equivalent to a portable computer with them in their pocket. They also have access to GPS and applications; chances are if you want to do anything from playing a game to balance your checkbook, there will be an app that will suit your needs.

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