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Staying In Touch Used To Mean Visitation

Once upon a time friends and family took the time to make phone calls and plan visits. Thanks to the internet that has all changed, many think that is a good thing. After all, with the invention of email and social networking we were suddenly able to keep in touch with everyone with the touch a button.

But just as people are apt to do, the internet is now something to be abused. Everyone posts their status updates on social networking sites and that is considered keeping in touch. Social networking has led to downfall of socialization. No one feels the need to pick up the phone to call or stop by; after all they know how your day went thanks to the internet.

Sadly the flip side of this is that there is a large generation of people unwilling to use social networking or even email. Some have them have them but rarely use them. These people are being left behind and are finding themselves out of touch with their younger loved ones. No one wants to take the time out of their busy day to call the technologically un-savvy relatives.

Next time you get ready to click send on your email, consider calling your loved one instead.

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